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24 Hour Emergency Service

Loss of Heating

Before calling us you can make the repair less costly if you do a few things first.


  • Confirm the thermostat is working – New Batteries if needed, turned to heat, turned up
    The power switch is often located in areas often confused with a light switch.

  • Is the breaker off? Reset only once.

  • Propane and oil tanks often run out for many reasons. Does the gauge read at least 25%?

  • Is there a blinking light, fault light or fault code on the thermostat or on the heating equipment. 

  • Some equipment has reset buttons or can be relit. Only if the directions are on the unit or in the manual should it be attempted. Do not reset more than once.

  • Have the make, model and serial # ready when you call in with details of what the unit is doing or not doing.

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Emergency Line

Call us now for around the clock emergency service.

(519) 664-2008

Loss of Cooling

Before calling for a service call you can save money and time by checking a few items yourself:

  • Have you checked or changed the batteries in the thermostat?

  • is the thermostat set for cooling and is the temperature set lower than the actual room temperature?

  • Remove the filter, see if that solves the problem. Install the new filter.

  • The outdoor unit is usually 220 volts and has a double breaker in the panel. Is that tripped? Reset only once. Do not reset if it trips again.

  • The outdoor unit cools the inside of the house by airflow. Make sure leaves, grass, shrubs have not blocked the very small cooling fins on the outdoor unit. Cut back grass, vacuum coils with a soft brush.

  • Note if the fan is running in the furnace circulating air in the house and the fan on the outdoor unit is running.

  • Have make model and serial number of both the furnace and outdoor condenser available when you call in to make the diagnosis easier

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