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Heating Maintenance

A proper examination and heater maintenance can provide peace of mind, even extending the life expectancy of your system. A worthy investment to keep your home safe and comfortable through the cold winter days. Total Home technicians will identify anything that may need attention and leave you confident about your heating system. 

Heating Tune-up Benefits

Our professional HVAC maintenance team in Kitchener can help you clean out your heater thoroughly, paying special attention to the heating coil and maximize energy transfer in your system. This preventative routine maintenance is helpful in reducing the load on your heat and keep the parts from wearing out. 

Cleaning and tightening electrical connection

Our licensed technicians can work on all makes and models of heaters.

Lubricating motors and moving parts

They can also provide replacement options if your air filters are dirty or if dirt impairs the air flow.

Adjusting thermostats

Customer satisfaction is a top priority, with the end goal being improved air quality and heater efficiency.

Checking the burner

Our experts can provide a written evaluation of your heating system once they’ve finished your tune-up. 

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Get Your Heating Maintenance Today!

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