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Heating Repair

Faulty heaters could leave your home in unliveable conditions, with dangerously low temperatures. Call a professional when you notice that your heater isn’t working properly, whether it won’t turn on at all or is making strange noises. Trusted specialists can find the root of the problem and get your system running efficiently and effectively again. Total Home Energy Systems professionals have the skill and experience to make your HVAC repair run smoothly.

Heating Repair Experts

Our HVAC repair technicians have served the area for 30 years and maintain open lines of communication so that they can answer customer questions thoroughly and honestly. These skilled experts have access to all the necessary tools and parts to correctly diagnose the issue and get the repair done right the first time. 

Indicators of a faulty heater

Flickering pilot light

light icon

Cool air

air icon

Unusual odors

match burning icon

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Remember that small problems can develop into extensive damage to your unit. Save yourself money and future headache and lean on your local HVAC technicians. 

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