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Humidity Control

Is the air in your house unbearably dry? Have you got cracked lips or dry skin? Are you often experiencing dry eyes and a sore throat? It’s time to integrate humidity control into your ventilation system.

The Results of Humidity Control

Humidity control includes systems like a Power Humidifier, Bypass Humidifier, HRV/EVR and more. These systems add moisture to dry heated air, reducing static cling and side effects of dry air. We carry top-of-the-line brands like Lennox, Venmar and VanEE with systems that have a 65 litre per day capacity and are much less obtrusive than portable units.

If you want to eliminate cracked skin, dry eyes, nasal problems, respiratory issues and sore throats – look no further. Our outstanding service providers and licensed technicians can get a humidity control system set up in your home in no time. 

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