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How to Optimize Your HVAC System and Become More Energy Efficient this Summer

Updated: May 11

Optimizing energy efficiency starts with understanding how energy is used in your home. That's why we've answered some of the top questions surrounding HVAC equipment, heating and cooling. We've answered these frequently asked questions to provide you with new opportunities for energy savings this summer.

A green energy efficient light bulb

Are portable air conditioners more energy efficient?

Depending on how large your home is, portable air conditioners can be an effective system for cooling just one space. However, if used to cool an entire home, portable air conditioners are much less efficient than other methods like central air conditioning or window air conditioners.

Can running the HVAC fan continuously save energy?

Absolutely. Running a furnace in “auto” has the fan doing a lot of the hard work. This keeps the home at an even temperature, using less energy to power the fan, and requires less heating and cooling which are what use up most of your energy.

A heat pump technician checking four heat pumps

Are heat pumps more efficient than regular HVAC units?

In places with extremely cold winters, heat pumps are the most energy efficient option. They are low maintenance, meaning you only need to clean them twice a year and are much more efficient than furnaces, air conditioners and other types of heating units.

What consumes more energy, heating or cooling? Why?

Heating a home requires much more energy because you are warming the air and raising the temperature. When cooling a home, the system often uses its fan to move the excess heat out. Anytime you use a fan, you are saving on energy usage.

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