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To our customers


Gas, Oil, Propane, Wood and Geothermal are the fuel sources we deal with. Furnaces, fireplaces, boilers and much more are the equipment we understand and support.

You can rest assured we will stand behind our products and workmanship, this is proven by our track record. We have got you covered.

Our trust is something earned in our community by having the company owners growing up in the region and working on your or your neighbour’s home. Many customers with our annual service plan say “…you know where the key is…just have the technician lock up when done…”

With 24 hour support and stocked service vehicles, we offer peace of mind as we can look after you and take care of you quickly.

The core competency of the company is built on the foundation of skilled, experienced division managers.

With refrigeration, oil, gas and sheet metal technicians a true “in-house” solution will be coordinated, scheduled and dispatched to ensure you are left with a positive experience whether you are building your dream home, modernizing your mechanical systems or are stuck in an emergency.


Knowing scheduling, being on budget and no callbacks for faulty workmanship is key to our business partners. These three key ingredients remain the top focus of all our divisions.


Setting us apart from other heating and cooling contractors is our multi-focused divisions and the ability to schedule a true “one-stop-shop” for all your heating and cooling needs.

All your traditional heating and cooling equipment plus a specialized division for hot water heating and geothermal.

From basic bungalow and additions to “design-build” dream homes and cottages, our managers will coordinate and assemble the team to work with you and your customers to see your vision come true and be financially successful.


Knowing what your focus is, and how to make customers happy has never been more important.


Our company divisions know this and respect all the skilled tradesmen in the field and we do not “pretend” one person can do it all.

We work closely with many of our direct competitors in the heating and cooling industry knowing it is more important to have a seamless relationship with our customers and if we find ourselves short on resources we can always call a friend even if they are direct business competitors.

Trust is why you can rely on us. If you need a hand for a specialized task, we respect your trust in us, as we know one day we will be calling you for a return favour.

So, if you just need a rad removed, duct extended or have one of those never seen before pieces of equipment and want a second set of eyes you can call us to see if we can help.

Property Managers

R.O.I. are the three letters you live and die by. We understand that. Your Return on Investment is what we respect while providing responsible solutions to your company.


Decades of experience working with property management and rental property owners have given us an insight into your needs and we have built our teams and divisions to assist you.

From Rooftop units to boilers we have a team to execute 24-hour service, preventative maintenance plans, plan future replacements and upgrade schedules based on energy modelling and system lifespan.

From the single-family rental to the 200 unit complex we can provide the 24-hour support, complete the permits, inspections and other local requirements as needed to keep your investments profitable.

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